The sudden appearance of PS3 games in the PS5 Store

There have been reports of updates and official patents by Sony. The patent refers to the performance of old console games on the new and more powerful console of the day; But recently, there is a newer news that says that after the patent was filed by the chief architect of the PlayStation 5, now some users are suddenly in the PS Store. On the console PS5 They have encountered some PlayStation 3 games.

Jordan Midler from VGC Says the game Dead Or Alive 5 found the PlayStation 3 in the PlayStation Store on the PS5 console. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Bejeweled 3 and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Other video games released on the PlayStation 3 include some users PS Store PlayStation 5 console found.

According to VGC, the price of Dead Or Alive 5 Available at PlayStation Store The PS5 is exactly ٫ 7.99. The PS3 logo also appears on all of these games. When you click on these games, the PlayStation Store on the PS5 console directs the player to the PlayStation Now; While Dead or Alive 5 is not on the PlayStation Now service in Europe at all. Meanwhile, gamers who have managed to find the PS3 console titles in the PlayStation Store still can not buy them.

We may finally find that the mere existence of games in the PlayStation Store was with Sony and for no other reason. However, there is no denying that not only a few PS3 games were found right after the patent was filed, but also Bloomberg Media Jason Schreier reiterated a few days ago that in the spring of 2022 we will see the arrival of Sony’s new three-level PlayStation Plus codenamed Spartacus. ; A project that Schreier claims is the PlayStation Plus With PlayStation Now integrates and adds even more benefits.

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According to him, the first level of PlayStation Plus subscription will actually be the current PlayStation Plus. The second level, in addition to the benefits of the first level, provides the gamer with a large list of games and acts like a gamepad. The third level or the highest type of subscription, in addition to the benefits of the previous two options, offers several other features to the gamer; Ability to experience streaming (stream-based) many games, the opportunity to experience long, dedicated demos of games of the day, and finally access to an archive of games from the PS3 console, PS2 console, PS1 console and PSP console.

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