The strongest coffee in the world; Advertising slogan or a dangerous reality?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, daily consumption of 400 mg of caffeine per day is safe for healthy adults. Based on this advice, it is clear that the amount of caffeine in the death wish coffee is at a dangerous level, and its consumption may be dangerous not only for sick people, but also for healthy people.

Considering the high caffeine content of Death Wish Coffee, it is natural that consuming it has troubled many people; For this reason, all the stories told about this product cannot be considered advertisements; Of course, it should also be kept in mind that according to the company’s claim that Death Wish Coffee is the strongest coffee in the world, it is not unlikely that some of these stories are part of the company’s marketing plan.

What are the side effects of coffee death?

Just like any other substance, excessive consumption of caffeine will have many side effects; Complications that may sometimes pose serious threats to your health:

One of the most important reasons for people to consume coffee is the effect of this aromatic drink on eliminating the feeling of sleepiness and helping them stay alert; But this issue becomes a problem when consuming high amounts of caffeine leads to long-term sleep disturbance for you. This complication is exactly what happens with the consumption of the strongest coffee in the world.

Research shows The average time the effect of caffeine remains in the body is about 5 hours; But this interval is not the same for different people and may vary between an hour and a half to 9 hours. As we said, the amount of caffeine in Death Wish Coffee is more than the allowed limit, and this means that its insomnia will last longer than other types of coffee and will cause more damage to the body.

Increased anxiety

The mechanism of caffeine is that by disrupting the function of adenosine in the brain, it prevents the feeling of fatigue and by helping to release adrenaline, it increases your energy level. Now, if the amount of caffeine that enters your body is more than the allowed limit or your body is sensitive to caffeine, you will experience side effects such as restlessness and severe anxiety.

A study conducted in this field It shows that consuming 300 mg of caffeine doubles the stress of people. Due to the very high caffeine content of Death Wish Coffee, it is normal to experience severe symptoms such as anxiety and restlessness by consuming even one cup of this product per day.

Digestive problems

Research shows that coffee can intensify gastric reflux and lead to the stimulation of intestinal contractions. You may have heard that some people complain of heartburn after drinking coffee. This is one of the side effects of caffeine and some people suffer from it even by consuming small amounts of coffee.

Considering this issue, consuming a product with high caffeine such as death wish coffee can definitely have much more severe side effects than regular coffee; Therefore, if you have a sensitive digestive system, it is better to avoid the idea of ​​consuming this coffee and look for a product whose caffeine is within the permissible limit.

Increased blood pressure

Caffeine stimulates the body’s nervous system and this ultimately increases blood pressure. High blood pressure is a very serious problem; Because by causing damage to the arteries, over time it disrupts the blood flow to the brain and heart.

Despite the temporary effect of caffeine on the increase in blood pressure, when the subject of our discussion is a product with very high caffeine, this issue cannot be ignored and its possible dangers can simply be ignored; Therefore, it is better for people with high blood pressure to avoid Death Wish Coffee and replace it with more suitable products.

What should be done to eliminate the effect of death wish coffee?

If you have ever consumed death wish coffee or any other coffee and you would like to eliminate its effect due to the effects of caffeine, you can use some simple solutions that Healthline in its report Use them introduced.

One of the effective ways to quickly eliminate the effects of caffeine from the body is to increase water consumption. By consuming more water, you can reduce the amount of burning caused by high caffeine consumption and eliminate the unpleasant side effects of this substance in a shorter period of time. Increasing the level of mobility is also a very effective solution that helps you to return to your normal state sooner. The best thing you can do for this purpose is a simple walk. Taking deep breaths and eating high-fiber foods will also help you get rid of the effects of coffee sooner.

Mike Brown’s claim and measurements show that Death Wish Coffee is currently the strongest coffee in the world; But the very important question that arises is that despite the complications that we talked about in this article, are you still willing to try this coffee or do you prefer to satisfy your need and interest in coffee with another product?

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