The stormy rise of Bitcoin continues; Passing the critical level of $25,000 after seven months

2022 for Bitcoin and the market Cryptocurrencies did not have a very good trend, we saw a significant decrease in the value of this market. With the beginning of 2023, a new life was breathed into the crypto space, and the value of each Bitcoin unit reached $20,000 after months.

to report Zomit, now the price of each bitcoin unit has reached the range of 25,000 dollars after about 7 months, and at the time of writing this article, it has even rejected the level of 25,900. The recent meeting of the Federal Reserve and The collapse of some of the largest banks in the world, including Silicon Valley and Silvergate, can be among the important reasons that have contributed to the stormy rise of the cryptocurrency market in recent days.

Now it remains to be seen whether we will finally see the end of cryptocurrency winter and whether this market will continue its upward trend or not, with Bitcoin entering the important level of $25,000.

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