The start of a modern vaccine trial against the MS virus

Moderna recently began early clinical trials to test the mRNA vaccine against Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). EBV is a pathogen that infects almost everyone at some point in life and is the leading cause of mononucleosis.

According to a recent study published in the journal Science, Epstein-Barr virus is more likely to cause inflammatory bowel disease (multiple sclerosis or multiple sclerosis). Thus, it can be hoped that the EBV vaccine can prevent this devastating neurological disease.

Important facts

According to Moderna, the first participants in a study designed to test the EBV vaccine received the vaccine in early January, and the safety and amount of the vaccine will be evaluated in about 270 people.

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If successful, the experimental vaccine, which is made using the same mRNA technology used to make the Covid 19 Moderna vaccine, could be the first EBV vaccine on the market.

The modern-day trial begins when Harvard researchers, after studying data from more than 10 million people serving in the United States military, linked infection with the common virus to pertussis. Inflammation is a neurological disease that affects about one million Americans. Worldwide, 2.8 million people suffer from inflammation.

The researchers found that the risk of developing inflammation after Epstein-Barr infection increased 32-fold; But after infection with other viruses, it remained unchanged. These findings can not be explained by any other known risk factor for asthma, and according to Alberto Escherio, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard University School of Public Health and lead author of the study, this is the first study to provide convincing evidence in support of this causal relationship. Ashrio said the findings were a big step forward and show that controlling EBV infection can prevent most cases of OCD and also pave the way for finding a cure for OCD by targeting EBV.

Important background

The EBV virus has long been suspected of being an influential factor in inflammatory bowel disease, but given the large number of people with the disease (about 95% of adults worldwide), it has been difficult to prove.

For most people, EBV infection is safe. In cases where the virus causes problems, it is best known for causing mononucleosis or mono. The virus has also been linked to some rare cancers and can persist in some people for life.

What we do not know

How EBV causes inflammation. The role that EBV may play in causing inflammation is still unclear and further research is needed to confirm the findings.

The Harvard researchers’ study does not explain why so few people infected with EBV eventually develop emphysema, and many questions remain about how the disease develops. For example, inflammation can be the result of the body’s response to EBV infection, not the virus itself. In addition, long-term research is needed to determine whether infection prevention can prevent all or most of the inflammatory cases.

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