The speed of the Android version of Twitter will increase

Elon Muskthe richest man in the world, after months of negotiations and numerous court hearings, finally finalized the deal to buy Twitter and take over the social network.

Mask Since his arrival at Twitter, he has taken many controversial actions, the most important of which was the mass dismissal of several thousand employees of the platform, which had a lot of coverage in the technology media around the world. In addition to the issue of the blue tick and the spread of fake news, it was another important issue after the arrival Elon Musk To Twitter, it happened.

Elon Musk's tweet about the Android version of Twitter

now Mask At One of his recent tweets It has announced that the speed of the Android version of Twitter is very slow, and this means that we will probably see the release of a new Android version in the near future, which will be as fast as the iOS version.

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It remains to be seen what other changes we will see in the Twitter platform in the future. Elon Musk Recently, it has shown that it pays special attention to video content on this social network and has even decided to encourage them to migrate from YouTube to Twitter by paying more wages to content creators.

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