The specifications of Sony’s three INZONE H series gaming headphones with surround sound feature were revealed

Recently, Sony introduced its latest product in the field of premium headphones called WH-1000XM5. Now, according to Gizmocchina, the company apparently intends to unveil a new series of gaming headphones soon.

According to 91Mobiles, the Japanese tech giant is preparing to launch three new gaming headphones INZONE series, including INZONE H3, INZONE H7 and INZONE H9. The information was released by a whistleblower called OnLeaks and added to one of the most important features of all three headphones, the 360 ​​surround sound. Has pointed out.

INZONE H3 headphones

Sony INZONE H3 gaming headphones

The INZONE H3 headphones will be a lower-end, more cost-effective model than the other three models, and the only headphones in this series that have wires. In addition, the headphones have a black microphone that attaches to the left side of the headphones. The published image shows the headphones, the LED indicator, the USB Type-C port, the NC / AMB (noise canceling / ambient sound mode) button, and the audio scroll wheel under the microphone.

INZONE H7 headphones

Sony INZONE H7 gaming headphones

INZONE H7 is the second headphone in this series, which is in the category of intermediaries and has a wireless connection, and apparently is similar in design to the above H3 model. It differs from the previous model, the white color of the microphone and the placement of the “Sony” brand in a different part.

Alternatively, the Sony INZONE H7 has a GAME / CHAT button on the right phone along with a Bluetooth button that pairs the headphones with another device or computer and the power button. The INZONE H7 also supports USB Type C port and has a USB dongle to connect the device to a computer or laptop.

INZONE H9 headphones

Sony INZONE H9 gaming headphones

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The INZONE H9 gaming headphones are the best and most expensive model in this series and are similar in design to the previous model, the INZONE H7; But it also uses LED lights. The placement of the microphone and buttons is similar to the INZONE H7.

In addition, it is equipped with a USB Type C port and a USB dongle for wireless connection options. In addition, the INZONE H9 is the only model in the series that has the ability to remove noise along with 360 surround sound for gaming.

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