The share of Windows 11 in the Steam platform reached 29%

Valve conducts a voluntary survey every month to gather information about the hardware users use to access Steam. This data helps developers optimize their games to reach the largest number of gamers and invest wisely in various technologies. Steam’s hardware and software surveys are a great source of information about different versions of Windows and how well they are used by gamers.

Participation in Valve’s monthly survey is optional, and therefore its data does not include 100% of Steam users. Also, Steam’s official page has compared the most recent data to October 2022 and not November 2022, and that’s why there are differences between the data in this article and the official report of the said company.

According to Steam’s October 2022 survey data, Windows 11 continues to attract Windows 10 users, and the operating system’s share has grown by 0.44 percent compared to November 2022 to 28.42 percent.

to report NeoWinThe 64-bit version of Windows 10 has the largest usage share among Steam users and lost only 0.18% of its share in December 2022. According to the latest data from Valve, 65.42% of Steam users are currently using Windows 10. The share of the 64-bit version of Windows 7 is also the third most popular version of Windows on Steam with a share of 1.66% (0.22% decrease).

In general, the share of all versions of Microsoft’s desktop operating system among Steam gamers reaches 96.15%, which has increased by 0.04% compared to the previous month. Apple is in the second place with a 2.48% share (0.03% growth) and Linux is in the third place with a 1.38% share (0.06% decrease) in the list of the most used operating systems of this platform.

But there is no significant change in the hardware used by Steam users compared to the previous month. Below are the most popular processors, graphics, memory and other hardware features on this platform.

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