The Scosche Lighter Charger was introduced with the ability to charge a laptop

As long as the capacity of the batteries can charge high-powered devices such as laptops or mobile phones for days, having a charger always seems like a wise choice. To address this need, Scosche unveiled a new AC / DC travel charger at CES 2022 that charges devices such as tablets and laptops with car power, according to Gizmodo.

Today, most new cars on the market have a USB port or even a wireless charging pad for charging the phone; But the amount of power that these features provide to users is usually only five watts and is enough for slow charging of the phone. These five watts can not charge larger and more expensive gadgets such as laptops. In addition to the USB port, there is a car cigarette lighter socket that provides 12V direct current to the occupants.

The 30-watt Skush travel charger is called the PowerVolt, which plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter socket and, in addition to the USB-C port, is equipped with a pair of parallel folding plugs to connect to a standard 110-volt power outlet. With 30 watts of power, it can charge larger phones or devices, such as laptops or even Nintendo Switches. Scash has not yet set an exact time for the launch of PowerVolt; But it plans to make its $ 45 travel charger available to users in the spring of 2022 (1401).

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