The Samsung Camera Assistant app offers new features such as adjusting the shutter speed

With the new version of Samsung’s camera assistant, the shutter delay rate can be improved. You can set the speed of recording the photo with this program with the Speed ​​Priority option. In addition, the ability to disable Auto HDR will help reduce the shutter lag rate. Two other shutter settings in Camera Assistant are Balanced and Quality Priority; The first option keeps the shutter speed and image quality in balance, and the second option helps to record higher quality images by reducing the shutter speed.

Samsung has also added more options to the camera timer. You can now capture photos every 1 second, 1.5 seconds, 2 seconds, 2.5 seconds, and 3 seconds. If the phone heats up a lot while taking photos or videos, it’s probably because there are too many processes going on for camera-related operations. The high brightness level of the display can also be another reason for the phone overheating. Of course, you can set the Camera Assistant app to automatically dim the screen after one minute of video recording.

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