The sale of Apple Watch Series 3 has been stopped

During WWDC 2022, Apple announced that the Apple Watch Series 3 of the operating system watchOS 9 is not supported. Since then, it has become clear to us that we are not far from stopping the production of this old smart watch. based on what Verge He writes, Apple has officially removed the Series 3 watch from its online store.

Stopping the production of Apple Watch Series 3 is not at all surprising to us. Smartwatch hardware typically degrades after three years. Apple launched the Series 3 watch five years ago. Apple Watch Series 3 was the first Apple smartwatch with LTE support at that time. LTE support was considered one of the most important features of the Apple Watch Series 3, because in 2017, few smartwatches allowed making calls.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was not removed from the Apple Store even after the Apple Watch Series 4 was unveiled, so that users who were interested in getting a cheaper watch had an available option. The Apple Watch Series 3 carried a price tag of $199 before it was discontinued.

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In 2020, Apple unveiled a watch called the Apple Watch SE, which had a high purchase value and caused less attention to be paid to the Series 3 watch. At the same time, a number of Apple Watch Series 3 owners said to update the operating systems of this watch watchOS 7 and watchOS 8 are affected.

With the new generation Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra unveiled at Apple’s Far Out event, there is almost no reason to buy an Apple Watch Series 3. The sale of the second generation Apple Watch SE with a base price of $249 will start on September 16, 2022 (25 September 1401).

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