The role of water and technology in drinking water purification

As the first specialized online market for water equipment in Iran, Abin is one of the best water purification companies in the field of providing all kinds of technologies and designing and producing water purification devices to supply drinking water on different scales.

These devices rely on specialized knowledge of systems design water refinery And they are designed and produced according to customer needs on an industrial scale. Abeen water purifiers are made according to the latest technology in the world for water purification, and for this reason, they have high efficiency in the water filtration process.

One of the most important products of Abin filters are membranes, which are imported from various well-known brands, including DuPont and Dove Filmtech. In the following, we introduce the top brands of Abin membrane filters.

Membrane filters with unique performance and features

Membrane filters with the structure of layers consisting of semi-permeable membrane are the most important part of a water purification system. The membrane filter has the ability to remove more than 99% of pollutants and water salts due to its unique and layered design, as well as the small pore diameter of 0.0001 micron. Therefore, the water coming out of this filter has high quality and purity, depending on the type of application, other filtration operations can also be performed on it.

Membrane filters from reputable brands have unique features that make the water purifier highly efficient. Some of the most important features of membrane filters include the following:

1. High purity water production

2. Improving water quality at an affordable cost

3. Long life if the standards of use are met

4. High precision in water purification

These features in the membrane filter increase the efficiency of the water purification system. Of course, besides the membrane filter, other water purification filters are also used to remove specific pollutants. In fact, the membrane filter alone is not enough for water purification, and along with other filters, it will have a great performance in the water filtration process.

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