The role of Retiba fundraising consultants in smoothing the path of fundraising for startups

The following are other services that fundraising consultants can provide to startups:

• Identify different ways of attracting capital

• Structuring the business plan

• Evaluation of profitability potential

• Identifying and introducing suitable investors for the startup

In general, capital raising consultants, with their experience, expertise and knowledge in this field, help startups to collect the right documents and fully prepare for raising capital from investors.

What points should startups pay attention to in attracting capital?

Receiving capital raising documents and preparing them by consultants does not mean guaranteeing capital raising. There are several reasons why a startup may not be accepted by investors. But if you have used Retiba’s fundraising consulting services, Retiba’s analysts guarantee that you will not face any problems in the fundraising process, such as incorrect estimation of cash flows or inappropriate valuation, and the calculations presented in the fundraising documents are fully approved by the companies’ investment experts. and venture capital funds.

The general points that you should keep in mind for attracting capital from investors are:

• Creating a need for investment: the startup must show its growth potential to investors by meeting its needs. With this method, their investment is justified.

• Presenting innovative thinking to the investor: The startup must present its services and products in such a way that the innovation of its process makes it win over the competitors.

• Showing successful experiences in the past: In the presentation sessions to the investor, he should talk about the successes he has achieved in the past. This helps to gain the confidence of investors. However, talking about the failures they have experienced will not have a negative effect.

• Knowledge of the market: if you intend to attract capital from foreign investors, avoid sayings like “we have no equal” or “we are the first in the market”. Thoroughly identify your market and competitors and seek to introduce your competitive advantage over others.

• Build the right team: Don’t make your startup dependent on one person. Investors tend to invest in the team rather than the individual.

In recent years, Retiba’s analyst group has had the honor of working with many businesses in different markets and with different levels of maturity, from the pre-seed stages to the final stages of the service business maturity cycle. Fundraising Offers. Timcheh, Yassanan, Banitro, Aria Health Tourism, Diamond, etc. are just some of the startups that have used these services. In Retiba’s portfolio ( you can see the complete set of startups that have used Retiba’s valuation, financial modeling and fundraising services.


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