The retired director of Twitter returned to this social network and was fired by Elon Musk a week later

It seams Robin Wheeler, the head of advertising sales at Twitter, has left the company once again. Conflicting reports say Elon Musk A week ago, he had personally convinced Wheeler not to resign. Now sources say Robin Wheeler has been fired from Twitter. The reason for his dismissal is currently unknown.

“To my team and customers… you were always my first and only priority,” Robin Wheeler wrote on Twitter. At the end of his tweet, he used the military salute emoji; This emoji has become a symbol for leaving Twitter in recent days and weeks.

Twitter is temporarily without a public relations team after massive layoffs and has not responded to media requests for clarification on various reports. Robin Wheeler has not been contacted by the news agency Verge Interview about what happened between him and Twitter.

This is the latest edge for one of the most important social networks in the world. Since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, thousands of employees of this social network have been fired or resigned. During the leadership of Mask, Twitter also redesigned the Twitter Blue subscription service so that all users have access to the blue tick.

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Twitter’s developments are not to the taste of advertising companies. Three of the world’s largest advertising companies have warned their clients not to launch any new advertising campaigns on Twitter. Some well-known companies such as General Motors have also temporarily stopped publishing advertising content on Twitter.

While the #RIPTwitter hashtag trended due to the resignation of hundreds of Twitter employees, Elon Musk said in a tweet that he is sure that the best will remain in this social network. Musk has started to restore a number of banned accounts from today, and it is possible that he will soon return the user account of the former US president to Twitter.

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