The results of the National Skills and Cloud Computing Skills Competition were announced

Representatives of Iranian IT disciplines in six disciplines of network systems management, software solutions for businesses, web technologies, cyber security and cloud computing, and mobile software will participate in the 40th World Skills Competition in Shanghai, China. The WorldSkills World Championships is the toughest skill competition in the world, spanning nearly 70 years, and elite youth under the age of 22 compete in a variety of disciplines every two years. There are currently 82 member countries of the World Skills Organization, with top officials from the host countries participating.

Since the World Skills Organization has reached this conclusion, the capacities of the private sector and related industries should be used to hold this event of this magnitude and in accordance with the current world standards and by utilizing the most up-to-date equipment, facilities and knowledge. For this reason, all global organizational competitions are sponsored by skill, and more than 300 major global companies sponsor it, and its medal winners are attracted to the best companies.

This year, Abar Arvan is the sponsor and organizer of competitions in two fields: “Network” and “Cloud Computing”. The first to third members of this competition will enter the training camp for the world competitions by mentoring Arvan cloud. Eventually, one of the disciplines with the highest score in this time period will be sent to the World Championships.

According to Arvan, the last WorlSkills course was held in Kazan, Russia in 2019, which led to medals in all three disciplines in which Iran had sent representatives. In addition, in the previous period, by winning these three medals, Iran’s position rose by 23 steps from 38th to 15th place.

Participants in national skills competitions in networking and cloud computing under the supervision of Abar Arvan

The next round of the tournament will be hosted by Shanghai, China, in 2022 due to the Corona epidemic, with a one-year delay. In these competitions, each member of the Iranian team will compete with representatives from 40 to 50 different countries in their field.

This year’s Global Skills Competition will be held September 22-27 with more than 1,300 competitors from 60 WorldSkills member countries in 56 skills. The WorldSkills2022 Shanghai National Level Competition is being held under the auspices of the National Technical and Vocational Organization, and participants in the Network and Cloud Computing field took a test on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (December 25-27) at Khatam University.

The final results in the field of cloud computing are as follows:

Name – Province Score Medal
Alireza Raij – Khorasan Razavi 734 Gold
Hamidreza Khobakht – Central 724 silver
Soroush Salim Kaviani – Education 719 Bronze
Navid Shariati – Yazd 710 honorary diploma
Mohammad Reza Fadaei – Central 690
Mohammad Ostadi Najjar – West Azerbaijan 689
Mehdi Najafi Jallieh – Hamedan 679
Rezvan Zarei – Sama schools 677

Winners of the National Cloud Skills Competition under the supervision of Arvan

The final results in the field of network systems management are as follows:

Name – Province Score Medal
Mohammad Amin Taheri – Alborz 746 Gold
Farid Qureshi – East Azerbaijan 743 silver
Narjes Savaedi – Khuzestan 740 Bronze
Amin Mehdizadeh Esfahani – Education 724 honorary diploma
To the religion of Talebi – Alborz 716 honorary diploma
Pouria Karimzadeh – Tehran 713 honorary diploma
Shayan Khairabadi – Technical and Vocational University 700 honorary diploma
Mobin Namour Daryasari – Gilan 700 honorary diploma
Arvin Bahman Yar – Gilan 692
Amir Ali Khosh Jahan – Yazd 683
Ali Doosti – Gilan 682
Hassan Mohammadi – Central 677
Arash Shahriari Rad – Technical and Vocational University 677
Mohammad Mehdi Almasi Nahnji – Hamedan 672

Winners of the National Competition in the field of network systems management under the supervision of Arvan

The first to third persons of the competitions are supposed to enter the preparation camp for the world competitions for 9 months by mentoring Arvan cloud; Eventually, one of the disciplines with the highest score in this time period will be sent to the World Championships. Arvan says that supporting the top IT and mentoring businesses in these fields will help the representatives of Iran’s IT fields to enter these competitions with a better level of knowledge and readiness, and as a result, the country will achieve better achievements.

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