The restriction of downloading from Google Play for Iranian users continues

These days, we are witnessing various internal and external restrictions on the country’s Internet, which have almost denied the benefit of one of the most basic rights of people, i.e. access to the Internet and virtual space, and narrowed the circle for Iranian users.

Iranian users have been facing a new problem for a few days now; Recent reports indicate that many Android users are facing an application not available in their region error when downloading apps from Google Play. This error is displayed when the user clicks on the option to install the application, but the installation does not start, and the user encounters the error “That item isn’t available for purchase in your region”.

Limitation of Google Play

This error occurs while before this, users had access to a limited number of applications when using Google Play with an Iranian IP, and many applications allowed the application to be downloaded by displaying the message “This item isn’t available in your region”. They did not give users. In fact, Google Play displays different content based on the country and region, and a special page for Iranian users was activated in Google Play in 2013, and thus, users were able to access a limited number of programs.

It depends on the application developer what applications the user can access; That is, the developer determines in his personal console on Google Play for which regions the application can be downloaded. Meanwhile, many users have reported that they are not even able to download Iranian programs from Google Play. A new restriction that seems to have been applied by Google.

In addition to Iranian users, this problem has also been reported by users in Cuba and Russia, and it is said that this problem has been solved by methods such as changing the geographical region of the phone and using IP change software.

Some users have bypassed this limitation by adding the details of foreign credit cards. Although these methods cannot permanently prevent the reoccurrence of this restriction, and due to Google’s severe strictures and advanced solutions of this company in detecting invalid entries, nationality and user location, the mentioned methods will probably not be effective in the future.

Currently, the Zomit team is testing different methods to find solutions to this problem. We also have to wait for a while to find out if this problem is temporary or if Google is applying more strictures for Iranian users.

Write to us if you have encountered such an error while downloading from Google Play.

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