The rendering images show the possible design of Apple’s augmented reality headset

Recently, concept images of the prototype of Apple’s augmented reality headset were released in the final stages of development. The images show that the headset uses a curved design language and is attached to the user’s face using mesh materials and replaceable headbands. A display in front of the device can display user information when using it. Interchangeable headbands appear to have space audio technology (360-degree audio) such as the AirPad Max or AirPad Pro.

High-quality renderings are now released, highlighting the details of the design language even more. Renders mentioned by ایان زلبو It is based on details provided in a report by The Information on the possible design of Apple’s augmented reality headset. The report featured several prototypes of the headset. According to the details shown in the image below, this highly anticipated headset has a headset that is very similar to the Apple Watch straps.

Rendering attributed to Apple's augmented reality headset

Certainly not all heads are the same size and the headband is probably adjustable. The outer surface of the headset displays is completely black, giving the product a sleek and beautiful look. There’s also a side button on the top left of the headset; But its specifications are still unknown.

The designer calls the first generation of Cupertino augmented reality headsets “Apple View”. Of course, it is not yet clear what name Apple will eventually give to this product. The device is expected to have more than a dozen cameras in its womb to track hand movements and show video feeds to users around the world.

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Advanced 8K ultra-high-resolution eye-tracking technology, along with other features, will make this headset a high-end, high-end option, likely to be Apple’s only strong entry into the AR and VR industry. Some sources also suggest that Apple is working on a replaceable headset with a battery to further charge the device.

In addition, Apple intends to increase the efficiency of the device by taking advantage of the user’s range of vision and reducing the quality of graphic renderings. It is expected that the headset will be equipped with one of the most advanced displays in the industry with 8K resolution. The inclusion of an 8K display makes the overall content quality much higher than other consumer headsets and even most current high-end TVs.

All versions are expected to use LiDAR technology, which Apple has previously used in the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro handsets to quickly map objects and environments. Apple intends to avoid the need for a wired connection between the headset and the computer, and apparently to achieve this, the headset will use Wi-Fi 6E.

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