The release of Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPU has not been delayed

According to the WCCFTECH, citing Moore’s Law Is Dead account on YouTube, Intel has postponed the release of its Arc Alchemist desktop graphics to the second quarter of 2022 (Spring 2001). Initially, there was conflicting news about the release of this product in the first quarter of this year and the months of March and April (March 1400 and April 1401); But with the new data released, there will be a lot of change, and the change is likely to benefit Intel and consumers.

The well-known YouTube video reveals several issues, one of which is that Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics power supply consumes more voltage before initial launch and does not reach the company’s estimated efficiency.

He noted that Nvidia may be forced to redesign the PCB due to the complexity of the problem that the company faces in its future graphics cards. These changes may eventually delay the release of the standard RTX 3090 Ti graphics version by more than a month or more. Of course, companies that make enhanced RTX 3090 Ti cards compared to the standard version, such as the EVGA Kingpin 3090 Ti, will be available on a regular basis to coincide with the release of Nvidia’s Livelace graphics card. Due to the amount of technology used in these cards, they are expected to cost more than $ 5,000.

The other graphics card mentioned was the RX 6950XT, which is a direct competitor to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. Rumors of the release of one of the RX 6750XT models are coming; But rumors about it have not been confirmed yet. Therefore, it is better not to speculate about this. In addition, unofficial news indicates that Ayamdi implicitly mentions the existence of several 6X50 graphics card models in the development stages.

However, the most important part of the video posted on YouTube is the introduction of Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics this year. Last year, there were confirmed reports that the Intel DG2 graphics card would be released in March 2022; But apparently this product is also facing delays in supply.

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Moore’s Law Is Dead account noted that Intel intends to enter the GPU market with a full hand in order to gain a larger market share.

In addition, Intel wants to offer products with complete confidence that outperform its competitors in every way. Another reason for the delay in the release of Intel products can be related to software and driver problems.

All of these reasons increase the likelihood of product delays, and delivery times will be moved from March and April to May and June. This extra time period allows the company to perform its final tests on the products and introduce them at the same time as the PAX East event.

In addition, models for the Arc Alchemist graphics card laptop may have different release schedules. According to forecasts, the first and most affordable versions of the laptop graphics will be introduced in April, and the more powerful and competitive versions will be introduced in May and June.

What do you think about Intel entering the separate graphics card market?

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