The reason for the failure of Windows Phone was revealed

Announcing the failure of Windows Phone is probably one of Microsoft’s most difficult and worst decisions to date. CEO of this company Satya Nadellarecently mentioned the same issue in an interview and considered stopping work on Windows Phone as a strategic mistake.

Brandon Watson, one of the senior developers of Windows Phone in Microsoft, has raised more explanations about the decline of this mobile operating system. This developer in the social network X (former Twitter), announced the detailed reasoning behind the failure of Windows Phone. In continuation, part of Watson’s speech We review:

Microsoft tried to attract the opinion of several operators to offer Windows Phone phones, and this action forced the company to buy Nokia. However, after a tough battle, the attention of most operators was focused on iOS ads, and as a result, even the purchase of Nokia did not help to increase the sales of Windows Phone phones.

Watson says:

Watson It says that Microsoft released many popular apps in the Windows Phone Store; But if there is not even one app in the list of top 50 apps on the app platform, the same app will have a negative impact on the store’s activity. According to Watson, things get out of hand when one of the top 50 most used apps is not available in the Windows Phone Store.

The reason for the failure of Windows Phone

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