The Raspberry Pi CM4 Universal Board was introduced at a price of $ 99

The production of boards like the Raspberry Pi CM4 is certainly not unprecedented; But this $ 99 product from Axzez’s Interceptor Carrier Board is definitely a better choice; Because it uses five SATA ports and four Gigabit Ethernet ports.

According to Tom Hardhard, the CM4 board is designed to be the center of your NAS. The board’s five SATA ports are connected to the PCIe interface at 5 Gbps via the JMicron JMB585 PCIe microcontroller, which can create a bottleneck; While the network ports are connected to the Realtek RTL8367RB switch.

This board appears to be custom designed for a home NAS or managed switch, and the only thing it does not use is the USB 3 port. This board is also equipped with several USB A ports. The CM4 offers a pair of full-size HDMI ports that can deliver 4K output at 60 frames per second.

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Buyers can download all the necessary drivers for the new Raspberry Pi board from the company’s website. In addition, one of the chat forums is designed to ask potential users questions. Pre-orders for the board are currently priced at $ 99 and will go on sale in February.

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