The QuietOn 3 airbag improves users’ sleep with the ability to remove active noise

Airbag QuietOn 3 With the ability to remove active noise (ANC) goes a step further than its competitors and helps users fall into a deep sleep; Of course, it is said that this feature also depends on the environment. The QuietOn 3 Airbag is a smaller version than its two predecessors, although it is very similar to the QuietOn 2.

According to Gizmochana, QuietOn 3 It is an airbag that can help the user sleep better and deeper, but unlike other popular headphones, it does not produce white noise. QuietOn 3 does not even require quiet music or ambient sounds used to create a relaxing atmosphere to enhance the user’s sleep.

Airbag QuietOn 3

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The QuietOn3 airbag simply eliminates low-frequency sounds around the sleeping area; It should be noted, however, that the user can still hear sounds such as their alarm. The device’s internal sound system has the ability to eliminate any extra noise that disturbs sleep.

The performance of QuietOn 3 is unlike most ANC airbags, and its performance will vary depending on the environment and the nature of the user’s sleep pattern. Since the price of the airbag is $ 239, the question arises as to whether such a feature is worth the price tag, as several other airbags have been produced that offer the same feature, and even ANC They have more power.

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