The promise of removing the clubhouse filter; Do not hope to remove Instagram and WhatsApp restrictions

Issa Zarepour announced this morning on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of the electric motor fleet of the National Post Company of the country that there is good news about the removal of restrictions, but this does not include Instagram and WhatsApp: “Our effort is to remove the restrictions that can be removed. and, God willing, you will hear good news in this regard in the next two days, but Instagram and WhatsApp are not included in this event at the moment.”

According to ISNA, Zarepour emphasized that the government is only one of the members of the committee for determining instances of criminal content, which is in charge of filtering, and continued: “There are services that we believe can be reviewed, and now we are following the path to ensure that this does not happen.” to occur Obviously, Clubhouse will be unfiltered in the coming days.”

He also confirmed the disruption caused to the Internet in the last few days and said: “On Wednesday and Thursday, we had a problem in the traffic exchange center in Tehran within one to two hours, which was resolved with the efforts of friends, and now there is no problem in the traffic exchange center. ”

We protest to the Competition Council

In another part, Zarepour said about the opinion of the National Competition Council regarding the monopolization of the fixed internet market: “In our opinion, the opinion of the Competition Council is not an expert and I have assigned a group in the Regulatory Organization to prepare the necessary response for this resolution.”

The Competition Council announced in the news last week that by examining the country’s fixed internet market and citing the laws of this market, it is a monopoly and mandated the National Competition Center to set guidelines for the regulation of this market.

However, the Minister of Communications announced today that he will protest against this resolution: “We will definitely protest against this resolution because there is no monopoly in this sector.” “Especially with the start of the fiber optic project for homes and businesses, monopoly no longer has any meaning.”

Definitive confirmation of internet in areas far away from the entrance exams

The Minister of Communications also announced that this was the last time that the internet would be cut off for the exam. Zarepour said in this regard: “This was the last time that the internet will be cut off at any level, whether fixed or mobile, for conducting entrance exams, and according to the resolution of the Security Council of the country, for the next entrance exams, the assessment organization should look for new and fundamental methods to deal with fraud. go.”

He also confirmed that although an attempt was made to cut off the Internet only in the areas where the exam was held, it also happened in distant areas due to the nature of the wireless Internet connection: “For this reason, I apologize to the dear compatriots who had problems.”

The interruption of mobile internet during the national exam was a solution to prevent cheating in the exam, but it caused many problems for users. Also, on Thursday, news was published about the leaking of pages of test questions, about which the head of the assessment organization said: “We were able to quickly identify and arrest the offender.”

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