The production of 14th generation Intel MeteorLake processors with 4nm lithography will start soon

Intel’s 14th generation Meteor Lake processors are among the first chips that use the company’s 4nm lithography. Mass production of these processors at Ireland-based Fab 34 was planned for the second half of 2022. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Blue Team recently visited Fab 34. According to him, the area of ​​the factory has been doubled and its production capacity has increased considerably in the past few months.

Fab 34 will be responsible for Intel 4 and Intel 3 processing and will compete with TSMC’s N3 and N4 lithographic processors in 2023-2024. According to official estimates, the 4nm process will improve performance by 20% per watt of energy.

Intel chips roadmap

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to report HardwareTimes, Intel’s 14th generation Meteor Lake-P series processors will be released in late 2023 and in limited quantities. These chips are produced based on 4nm lithography, while the iGPU and IO formats use TSMC’s 5nm and 6nm lithography, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the Intel 3 process will be used exclusively in the next generation Xeon in 2024.

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