The price of powerful AMD Ryzen 7000X3D processors has been announced

A few weeks after the unveiling of the Ryzen 7000X3D series, AMD announced the price and date of these expected processors. According to VergeThe Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor will be launched at a price of $699 and the Ryzen 9 7900X3D processor will be launched at a price of $599 on February 28, 2023 (March 9, 1401). AMD will then launch the Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor on the market on April 6, 2023 (April 17, 1402) at a price of $449.

AMD Ryzen 7000X3D series processors are produced with 3D V-Cache technology and have a lot to say in the field of gaming. The red team created a lot of controversy in the previous generation with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D and this processor was widely praised. The number of cores in the new generation has been doubled to increase the gaming power even more.

The flagship processor 7950X3D is equipped with 16 cores, 32 threads and 144 MB cache. This $699 processor is more expensive than the 13900K (Intel’s 13th generation flagship at $589). 13900K is equipped with eight high-power cores and 16 low-power cores and has 32 cores. AMD says its new flagship will perform better than Intel’s flagship processor in running video games.

The 7900X3D chip, which is probably more popular than the 7950X3D, is equipped with 12 cores, 24 cores and 140 MB of cache. The third AMD chip, 7800X3D, has a total of eight cores, 16 cores and 104 MB of cache.

Directly comparing the Ryzen 7000X3D family with Intel processors is not an easy task; Because Intel processors use a hybrid architecture (including high-power cores and low-power cores), while AMD processors have exactly the same cores. Intel processors are manufactured with 10nm lithography and AMD processors with 5nm lithography.

The price announced by AMD makes the Ryzen 7000X3D series processors worthy competitors for products like the 13900K and even the $409 13700K processor. Do not forget that we are talking about high-end processors, so you will need a powerful cooler to use the Ryzen 7000X3D.

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