The price of Apple’s next monitor will probably be half that of the XDR Pro display

Evidence shows that the tech giant is working with LG to build low-cost XDR pro-display models. Now a report from Mark German It has been published that it can actually be a seal of approval on this issue.

German says the new model will probably cost $ 2,500, which is much cheaper than the current Pro Display. At present, other specifications are in a state of ambiguity; But its cheaper price probably does not mean that the monitor will be of poor quality or poor. German says the cost of producing a display for the Pro Display XDR has probably dropped since its release; Therefore, perhaps Apple can offer the same level of quality at a lower price.

So far, few rumors have been spread about this; But there was a recent report that the tech giant is producing a low-cost monitor that could be a good choice for the Mac mini. In addition, it has recently been reported that LG is building two 24-inch and 27-inch panels, which, in fact, could be related to the same two models of affordable displays.

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In general, Cupertinos usually unveil their monitors alongside the Mac Pro at a developer event; Therefore, it will not be far from expected that Apple will unveil its professional monitor at the 2022 Developers Event.

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