The powerful Falcon Heavy rocket brought 3 satellites into the earth’s orbit in its sixth launch

rocket Falcon Heavy lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 20:26 local time (03:56 Monday morning Iran time) on Sunday and carried three satellites into Earth orbit. SpaceX originally planned to launch today on Friday; But unfavorable weather conditions caused the launch to be canceled in the last seconds of the countdown.

Monday’s mission was long and successful. SpaceX this morning confirmed on Twitter Three satellites were placed in orbit as planned in a 13-minute interval that began approximately four and a half hours after the rocket took off.

Falcon Heavy’s main payload in the recent mission was Americas Viast-3; An internet satellite weighing 6400 kg will be operated by the company Vias in California, USA. Atticus Vadra“Viast-3 is expected to be the world’s most powerful and largest all-electric satellite ever launched,” said a SpaceX propulsion engineer during a live webcast shortly before the launch.

The second satellite that went into space on top of Falcon Heavy was Arcturus; A communication satellite that will be operated by Astranis Space Technologies in San Francisco, USA. In the description of this satellite’s mission, it is stated that “although Arctiorus weighs only 300 kg, it is considered a capable telecommunication satellite that has the capacity to provide data up to 7.5 Gbps for Alaska and the surrounding area.”

The third shipment was Falcon Heavy GS-1; The CubeSat will be operated by Gravity Space in Washington. The primary mission of JS-1 includes providing communications for applications It is the Internet of Things. However, it will also perform other tasks from the circuit.

The Falcon Heavy basically consists of the first three stages of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, which are attached to each other and sits on top of the central booster, upper stage and payload. This rocket It started its work in February 2018 with a memorable test flight. During this flight, a red Tesla Roadster car Elon Musk Along with Starman, a mannequin in a spacesuit sitting behind the wheel was sent into orbit around the Sun.

The powerful SpaceX rocket has only flown five more times since then; Including twice in 2023. The rocket’s first flight this year, USSF-67, was a classified mission for the US Space Force that took place in January.

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