The powerful Bluetti solar generator was introduced along with the company’s other products

At CES 2022, Bluetti introduced new battery technology along with other products. In this article, we will look at all of them.

The NA300 Bluetooth solar generator is the first in the world

According to 9to5google, one of the most interesting products is Bluetooth at CES 2022 Introduced, it is the first ionosodium solar generator in the world. System The NA300 and its B480 battery module use ion-sodium technology to increase charging speed and improve performance in low temperature environments. Bluetooth says its ion-sodium battery can be charged from zero to 80 percent at room temperature in less than 30 minutes, and its shelf life at minus 20 degrees Celsius is more than 85 percent.

Bluetti batteries

This new battery technology is first used in the NA300, a system comparable to the EP500 Pro. The system has an internal capacity of 3000 watts per hour with support for a maximum of two B480 battery modules with a speed of 4800 watts per hour. Like many other Bluetooth systems, the NA300 has four 20A sockets and another 30A output port. It can also withstand 3,000 watts of solar charge input, making it one of the fastest solar generators. With AC input, the battery can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

“APEX” finally to AC500 Bluetooth arrived

Bluetooth star at CES, the much-anticipated APEX system, the Bluetti AC500 Was. This product, which took about two years to develop, can deliver a whopping 5,000 watts of power using a pure sine wave inverter (the most powerful inverter the company has ever used on a product and one of the most powerful options on the market).

Bluetti batteries

Bluetooth says the massive system can be charged with AC, solar or both up to 8,000 watts of electricity. AC charging alone can have 5,000 watts of input, while solar charging can only reach 3,000 watts.

EB3A promises to be a powerful passenger companion

Bluetooth is certainly best known for its larger batteries and inverters, but this time the company came to CES 2022 with a new and advanced portable battery bank. The EB3A Bluetooth has a pure sine wave inverter of 600 watts and a battery capacity of 288 watts. The battery can also support up to 200 watts of solar input.

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Bluetti batteries

The EB3A uses only one cable for charging. In addition, at a speed of 600 watts, it can reach 80% in 20 minutes from zero.

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