The possible price of the Google Pixel Watch has been revealed

We are sure that Google will launch its first wearable gadget this year. However, until today, we still did not know the exact price and time of its release. Now a report of this product has been revealed, which can be an answer to both questions.

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According to 9to5Google, the price of Google Pixel Watch for the LTE model may be $399. Unfortunately, the mentioned source does not provide information about the price of other versions of this smart watch; But in theory, the Pixel Watch is cheaper without LTE, likely costing between $299 and $349.

It should be noted that Apple Watch Series 7 without LTE It also costs $399. This means that the price of the Google Pixel watch will be very competitive compared to the Apple Watch series. However, the price of the equipped Galaxy Watch 5 The LTE, which uses the same operating system as the Pixel Watch and supports Android devices, starts at $329. This is bad news for Google; Because it must compete with a product that users can buy at a lower cost.

Also, rumors claim that Google will probably launch the Pixel Watch along with the Pixel 7 series. Although the company has yet to confirm these rumors, we expect these new devices to launch in late September or early October.

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