The possibility of holding the first electronic exam in February

The head of the country’s assessment organization said in the first line program of the Khabar network that a step has been taken in the direction of the electronic entrance exam and there is a possibility that the electronic entrance exam will be held several times as a trial.

According to Abdul Rasool Pour Abbas, three stages have been considered for conducting the electronic entrance examination and a question bank and a software have been created for it: “The platform for holding the exam is considered as basic computer, basic mobile and basic smart screen, and the candidates by attending The designated places will give the test and the result will be announced to the candidate immediately after the test.

In another part of his explanation about Konkur 1402, Pour Abbas mentioned the story of the internet being cut off and said: “We consider that it will not be possible to send files and photos in messengers. The mobile internet will be cut off point by point during the exam.

Before this, the assessment organization wanted to cut off the internet on the days of the exam, but finally, the Minister of Communications announced that he agreed with the conditions for a spot cut of the internet during the exam, that only mobile internet is available within the examination areas and during the exam hours. and be discontinued with prior notice. He also addressed the assessment organization and said that more technological methods can be used to deal with cheating in the exam.

In his conversation, the Deputy Minister of Science also mentioned the increase in the number of signal detectors in the process of conducting the entrance exam from 80 to 180, which are used to improve the security of the entrance exam. Signal detector devices have the ability to identify offenders’ devices: “Offenders appear in the exam session with super-spy devices, and if these devices are taken from a candidate even silently, it will result in a 10-year ban from participating in the exam. If the country’s security apparatuses identify the violators and issue a verdict by the judge in charge during the entrance exam, they will arrest the violators.”

Considering that this is the first time that the national exam will be held in the winter season, the deputy of the assessment organization has announced that the candidates should not worry about the heating of the exam halls.

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