The possibility of free streaming of TV channels from YouTube

YouTube is one of the popular and widely used video streaming platforms in today’s world. Many people are engaged in producing content in this service and earn money from it. There are many videos on YouTube, ranging from Windows installation tutorials to comedy short films. Now news has been published about this platform, which informs about new events in it.

According to gsmarena, YouTube is testing a new service for streaming TV channels. The company is in talks with other companies to add shows and movies and entire TV channels to its platform. According to YouTube, the said service is in the testing phase and selected users are checking it.

Right now, YouTube is gauging viewer interest, and if all goes according to plan, the Google-owned service could claim 45 percent of ad revenue. The mentioned company has a similar deal with content producers.

It seems that YouTube intends to increase its users with this action. The streaming platform recently signed a deal with NFL Sunday Ticket, which will be available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime channels starting this year. Also, it now splits ad revenue with YouTube Shorts creators, making the service more profitable than TikTok.

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