The possibility of buying the Shuttlemobile Internet package from the Up wallet has been activated for subscribers

Public relations of Shuttlemobile announced that in order to facilitate access to electronic payment services, the possibility of payment through Up Wallet was activated for subscribers of this SIM card. These subscribers can use this new possibility to buy recharge and internet package, in addition to direct payment through bank portals.

Subscribers can speed up their payment process by connecting the app wallet to their user account in the application or Internet account management system of Shuttle Mobile, when purchasing an internet package and charging, by choosing this virtual wallet. It is also possible to pay through the app or command code *733.

According to the public relations report of this operator, Shuttlemobile has also provided the possibility of automatic connection to the network of all three operators with the country’s radio network for its SIM card subscribers. They can manually change this network at the moment or reactivate the smart selection feature by dialing the command code #8*1* or through the internet management of their mobile account while querying the name of the host radio network.

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