The possibility of banning the use of bots to buy and broker consoles and graphics cards in the United States

Apart from the individual problems of Sony and Microsoft for the production of consoles PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X, profiteers and immoral traders in different countries have made it difficult for everyone. With the help of bats, they make every effort to buy all the inventory of the stores; For this reason, in many parts of the world, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, consoles are first acquired by large corporations, and then members of these teams sell them to the public at a higher price.

Now, some American politicians are seeking to pass legislation to ban the use of any bot to shop at online retailers. If that happens then the graphics card market in the United States will improve; Because at least the people themselves will buy most of the store inventory; As a result, sales of consoles are moving faster.

Ninth-generation consoles are expensive devices in themselves, and speculators’ attempts to increase their prices by a few hundred dollars make it almost impossible for many people to buy them. Interestingly, there has also been a debate in the British Parliament on the complete abolition of these bots for the evacuation of existing consoles in retail stores.

One U.S. senator, who calls the bots “digital grinch” (Christmas Grinch), believes they hurt both buyers and many small, local retailers. He adds:

Because of these profiteers, stores are unable to offer the best possible products on holiday to shoppers, and hardworking parents are forced to hand over hard-earned money to buy gifts for their children. I urge my colleagues to join me in the immediate passage of this bill so that we do not let these Grinch bats steal the holidays.

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