The portal store builder and the facilities it has for designing an online store

Mobile compatibility

Today, most people surf the web using smartphones and mobile browsers, so a professional website should be fully optimized for mobile browsers. This issue is completely respected in the portal site builder, and all the sites that are created with this site builder are fully optimized for mobile browsers and everything is displayed in the most beautiful and elegant way possible.

Various management tools

For an online store that deals with financial payments, it is very necessary to have management tools, and when a store gets a large number of customers, it is practically impossible to continue working without these tools and provide good customer service. Store sites created with the portal have a variety of tools for managing users, orders, payments, products, and financial reporting tools. In fact, you can have all the facilities of a large and professional online store in your online store that you have created with the portal.

Easy ranking on Google

As the most popular search engine in Iran and of course in the world, Google is the main source of finding customers. Users search for the products they want to buy in Google and often go to the websites that are in the top ranks of Google results and make their purchases. Therefore, having a higher rank in Google means having more customers and thus earning more profit. Internet stores that are created with the portal have all the criteria and criteria for ranking in Google, and if they produce appropriate content and follow the principles of link building, they can very easily get high Google rankings and quickly earn high incomes. reach.

The possibility of testing completely free

Unlike other site builders that ask users to pay money for registration, in Portal Site Builder you can go through all the steps completely free of charge and create your site without paying any amount. 7 days of free credit will be assigned to you so that during this time you can check the various features of the created online store and decide whether it is suitable for your business. After seven days, if you feel that the portal store provides you with the necessary facilities and has all the criteria you are looking for, you can purchase it.

Great support

Site Builder Portal has a long history in the Persian web, and during this time it has cooperated with various companies and people, and a large number of large and popular Iranian sites have been created by Site Builder Portal. One of the main reasons for choosing the portal by large companies is the very good support of this site builder. By creating your site in the portal site builder, you will have access to a 24/7 support that will quickly answer your questions and solve your site’s problems. Therefore, you will no longer need to hire a technical expert to support your site.

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