The Pixel Fold will probably come without a notch for the internal display and with a design similar to the Pixel 7

Despite many delays and various rumors, Google is still working on a foldable phone, and this week we got more details about its camera and design language.

According to the information published by Digital Chat Station on Weibo, Google’s foldable Pixel will have an appearance similar to the Oppo Find N. The device includes a smaller design whose outer screen opens along a vertical axis to reveal a larger display.

However, what was mentioned in the latest report of this whistleblower is related to the camera array. Apparently, the foldable Pixel will forego its in-display camera and instead have a one-piece display without a notch. Samsung has long placed the selfie camera on the in-display display, and the rear camera also has a large notch. In addition, Oppo Find N uses a camera under the display.

Of course, this means that Google’s foldable phone will not be able to take photos through the built-in display or connect to the video camera. The external display will still feature a selfie camera, which will apparently be placed in the top center like other Pixel phones.

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It is worth noting that this new data is in line with what was recently revealed about the Pixel Fold camera. Kyle Bradshaw It also found evidence of a special mode of the device that could lead to users being forced to take selfies when the phone is opened. The Galaxy Zfold 3 offers a feature that uses the rear cameras to take better selfies, and it looks like Google is likely to follow suit. There was also evidence that the Pixel Fold would feature an internal camera, but now it’s possible that Google has changed the design.

However, it is not clear whether Google will completely abandon the Pixel Fold’s internal camera or not. An ultra-micro pinhole camera is also hinted at in the foldable Pixel frame. Unfortunately, we don’t know what this news means at the moment, but it could refer to some kind of selfie camera for its internal screen.

According to 9to5google, according to new information, the Pixel Fold will probably use the design language of the Pixel 7 series, which is not surprising. The Pixel 7 looks similar to the Pixel 6, which will be available in new color options, and in addition, the rear camera bar will benefit from a new design.

In any case, we have to wait a little longer to see what appearance and features Google will offer its first foldable phone. This is while Samsung will soon unveil its newest generation of foldable phones.

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