The PC version of the game service was renamed the PC Game Pass

The Game Awards 2021 witnessed a special event, along with hosting new games and presenting the gameplay video of a number of games; According to Neowin, Microsoft has officially announced the name of the PC version of the game after sharing the service. Xbox Game Pass for PC changes to PC Game Pass. Renaming Microsoft’s gaming service may seem simple at first glance, but Redmond has also made a three-minute video of the event.

According to Zomji, Microsoft is seriously trying these days to introduce the PC version of the popular gamepost service to users more and more, and for this reason, changing the name of the service seems reasonable; Microsoft is now more focused than ever on gaming services on PC platform games.

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Microsoft’s new move also reduces user confusion; From now on, we are on the side of Xbox GamePas, PC GamePas and Xbox GamePas Ultimate.

Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, Trek to Yomi, and an unannounced game made by Hugecalf Studios are games that will be added to this service on the first day of PC Games.

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