The Panlingual feature in Android 13 allows you to select a different language for each application

Google is developing a new feature for Android 13 called “Panlingual” that allows users to apply the language settings of any application of their choice separately from the settings of the entire system, according to PhoneArna, a trusted source from AndroidPolis.

For example, a user who uses English as the language of the Android operating system may use this feature to set up social media apps in Spanish. Without Change in language operating system Or if the user needs to use another language, he can set his work plans in that language and keep other programs in the native language.

The new Panlingual feature is still in the early stages of development and is likely to change. According to rumors, Panlingual can be found on the App info page or in the App languages ​​settings on the Language & input page. By adding the Panlingual feature as separate settings, Google allows users to change the language of the application.

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It should be noted that in order to use the Panlingual feature, applications themselves must support other languages; Because if a program supports only one language, Panlingual will not be very useful. However, Google has added inline translation support in Android 12. So it is possible that in the future Android will be able to translate applications without developers adding other languages ​​to their application.

Currently, Android apps rely on the operating system language. If an application supports more than one language, selecting another language requires finding the appropriate option in the application menu itself. There is no easy way to change the language at this stage. Google is expected to use the Panlingual feature to fix this inconsistency for Android users.

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