The online tube explains about the use of Mannesmann tubes

The application of Manisman tube in sensitive industries is very high; Because this type of pipe has special features. As it is clear from the name of this type of pipe, there are no seams on it; For this reason, it is the most suitable pipe in important industries such as oil and gas. High resistance to pressure, impact and temperature are other characteristics of Manisman tube. Don’t miss this article because we want to talk about the use of Mannheim tube and its benefits and how Buy Manisman pipe let’s say

Types of Manisman pipes

The Manisman or seamless tube was first invented by the Manisman brothers and that is the only reason for its name. Various pipes are used in the industry, including steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, boilers, etc.; But in the meantime, Mannesman’s pipe is of special importance.

This type of pipe has its own manufacturing method and because there is no seam on it, it is used in sensitive industries. This pipe is made of simple low-carbon steel, and with the help of adding some materials to its inner and outer surface, it is very resistant to rusting.

You may ask how to make a seamless pipe? To make this pipe, the following four different steps are performed:

1. In the first step, the raw materials for making the pipe are prepared.

2. In the second stage, the ingot enters the production line and is cut into the required sizes, and then its heating begins with the help of arc furnaces.

3. In the third step, it will be the turn to swing and adjust the head and bottom of the billet. At this stage, the ingot gradually takes the shape and design of the pipe.

4. In the last stage, the pipe will be tested and inspected, and if the test is successful, the pipe will be ready to enter the market.

Manisman pipes are divided into several types based on size, including 20, 40, 60, 80, 120 and 140 grade pipes. Some types of these pipes are introduced below:

Class 20 Manisman pipe

This type of pipe has a thickness between 2 and 6 mm and its size is about one to twelve inches. Also, its weight varies according to its specifications. According to statistics, its weight will be around 300 kg.

Class 40 Manisman pipe

This type of seamless pipe is the same in terms of size as Class 20 pipe; But its thickness is somewhat different and varies from 2 to 10 mm. The weight of this product reaches about 500 kg in some cases.

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