The OnePlus Nord smartwatch will be unveiled soon for less than $ 130

According to rumors, OnePlus intends to expand its Nord product line with the unveiling of wireless airbags in the field of wearables, and on the other hand, in this area, the first information about the rolling smartwatch has been made available. According to GSAMA, the OnePlus Nord smartwatch will be available in India in the coming months for under Rs 10,000 ($ 130).

Black model of OnePlus Watch from front view

OnePlus Watch

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The new Nord brand smartwatch is expected to inherit most of the key features of the OnePlus Watch, including a color touch screen, heart rate and oxygen sensors, as well as activity and sleep tracking. The report also mentions a common set of Bluetooth features such as push notifications and media controls via a paired smartphone.

No information is yet available on the appearance of the OnePlus watch; But more information will be released soon.

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