The OG Flow Z13 will be introduced by Asus as the most powerful gaming tablet in the world

In early November, there were reports that Asus was probably planning to introduce a new laptop that was supposed to be launched as a replacement for the ROG Flow X13. Now there is new news that indicates that this device will probably be a tablet.

According to Gizmocchina, according to a ROG Global tweet, the next Asus tablet called ROG Flow Z13 is scheduled to be introduced on January 4 (December 14, 1400). Along with this announcement, an advertising poster has been published, according to which this product is expected to be the most powerful tablet for gaming in the world.

The teaser image released by Asus seems to confirm that the ROG Flow Z13 tablet will use the XG Mobile interface. The presence of the XG Mobile connector confirms that this product will support the External Graphics Processor (GeGPU) of the Taiwanese PC maker. This graphics processor is called XG Mobile, which can improve the performance of the Asus convertible, thin and light tablet in playing computer games. EGPU support In addition to gaming, it acts as a USB dock, which means users can access a number of additional ports.

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The XG Mobile connector also indicates that the ROG Flow Z13 tablet is based on the Windows operating system. This product is actually targeting the same market for powerful two-in-one tablets; A market in which Microsoft is also present with its Surface Pro 8 tablet.

Since the ROG Flow Z13 will replace the ROG Flow X13, the tablet is expected to use AMD’s Raizen 6000 series APU. The APU utilizes the Zen 3 CPU architecture and the RDNA 2 GPU architecture, and has been enhanced in the Vega iGPU. The tablet’s APU is expected to be on par with Nvidia’s GTX 1050 Ti graphics card and offer a work experience close to that of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1650.

As mentioned in the Asus promotional poster, the company’s next gaming tablet will be unveiled on January 4, at CES 2022.

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