The official teaser of Huawei smart glasses with interchangeable lenses and HarmonyOS operating system

Huawei is preparing to introduce a new set of gadgets on December 23 (December 2, 1400), according to GSA ARNA. This set will include the P50 Pocket clamshell, Watch D and other devices, including smart glasses. Today, smart glasses are a new direction for technology companies and come in many forms.

Some smart glasses fall into the category of augmented reality (AR) glasses, others act as cameras, and others act like headphones. Huawei New Smart Glasses Bone Guide Speakers (bone conductive speakersIt will be embedded in the temples and can transmit vibrations to the inner ear through the skull bones. Huawei glasses will use the HarmonyOS operating system, which is likely to be used to activate voice commands and integrate with other Harmony-compatible devices.

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One of the interesting features of these glasses is that both lenses can be replaced seamlessly; In this way, its front panel is connected to the body with a magnet. This smart feature allows the same hardware to function like reading glasses as well as sunglasses.

Huawei currently has two generations of smart glasses in its product portfolio, both of which were developed in collaboration with the Korean company Gentle Monster and were just smart audio devices. It seems that the new model of these glasses will be the only Huawei product that will be made without the participation of the fashion brand.

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