The Nyx concept represents Alienware’s vision for the future of the gaming world

The Nyx concept of Alienware represents a future in which you can stop playing Fortnite or Guardians of the Galaxy in your living room and continue it in your bedroom.

According to Warg, Eleanor is trying to show a world where you can get your games from various stores like Steam or Epic and services like GeForce Now Or Xbox Cloud Gaming perform it. Plus, they all come together in a single app that works the same way on your TVs, phones, PCs and other devices. Nyx shows the world that you can skip a stage you fail to pass on, send it to your older brother’s room system to do, and leave the rest of the game to you.

Concept Nyx Allen War

Yes, some of these are currently technically possible; But Eleanor hopes Nyx will be able to offer them all to gamers in one go and in a more advanced way. The company also strives to minimize gaming latency so that the Nyx experience is flawless.

Eleanor tries to make it possible for gamers to stream four games at the same time. In the Nyx prototype, a combination of game server and controller and software was found that connected all the available items. There was no console like the Xbox X Series, PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch.

Concept Nyx Allen War

Nyx box itself It is located near your modem or router and connects to it directly via Ethernet. This device plays games that are installed on it or are playing on your system via WiFi and cloud space. General concept Nyx is to allow all members of the family to be able to play multiple games as well as multiplayer games at the same time, without slowing down Wi-Fi or delaying entry.

The prototype Nyx is like a black tower with sharp edges and an integrated design. Surely the design of this server will be better in the future and we can see a device that is more similar to Eleanor products.

There are still many questions about this product. For example, we still do not know if Eleanor intends to release its hardware? When will this happen at all? How Much Money Do You Have To Have Nyx Save? Let’s wait longer to answer these questions.

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