The number of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscribers reached 80 million

According to Verge, the number of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscribers has increased by 30 million people within a year, so that the total number of subscription users has reached 80 million people. In September 2021 (September and October 1400), YouTube announced the number of music and premium subscribers to 50 million.

Statistics show that YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have grown faster in recent years than in previous years. Last year, YouTube managed to add 20 million people to the number of subscribers of the services in question.

In the YouTube performance report, Google does not disclose the number of music and premium subscribers separately. The figure of 80 million people also includes users who are going through the free period of the subscription service.

YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 per month, removes ads and allows you to download videos for offline viewing. YouTube Premium also allows users to play music in the background. Users by providing YouTube Premium services YouTube Music and YouTube Kids also gain access.

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On the other hand, the YouTube Music service, which can be purchased with a monthly payment of $9.99, only allows access to a collection of music. YouTube Music does not include all the benefits of the premium service, but it allows you to download music and play it in the background.

Since we do not know the exact number of YouTube Music users, it is currently not possible to compare it with other music streaming platforms. Apple and Amazon also don’t release much data about their music services. An independent report claims that Apple Music has 78.6 million subscribers, and the number of subscribers to Amazon Music and the Chinese service Tencent Music reaches about 68.1 million people. Spotify has officially announced that it has 188 million subscribers.

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