The next version of OgyxenOS 12 restores access to auxiliary cameras to OnePlus devices

The popular brand OnePlus has recently started releasing the latest proprietary operating system based on Android 12 called OxygenOS 12 for its flagship phones. This operating system is the result of the integration of the company’s proprietary user interface, OxygenOS, and Oppo’s proprietary user interface, called Color OS. Of course, although OnePlus released this version as a permanent update, for some reason it had to temporarily stop publishing it.

According to Gizmochena, the problems of the new OnePlus operating system were not limited to simple bugs. As previously reported at Zomit, OxygenOS 12 on OnePlus phones restricted access to auxiliary cameras in third-party camera applications. This problem is very important for many users because many owners of Android phones use the ported versions of Google’s camera application called GCam instead of the default camera app of their device to improve the quality of the recorded images.

This problem has been around for some time now on Oppo devices running the Color OS, and this has led some users to believe that OnePlus devices will no longer be able to use third-party camera applications. However, a new report has been released indicating that the situation with OnePlus will change.

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According to a report by an XDA developer, OnePlus has announced in its forum that it has read feedback on bugs and issues that users have reported in a recent OxygenOs 12 update. The company also said it was working to fix the issues and would release a revamped version of its new interface soon. OnePlus also announced that the next OxygenOS 12 update will address the issue of lack of access to auxiliary cameras in third-party camera applications, including GCam.

Release of OxygenOS 12 resumed after the announcement, but the problem still exists when using the GCam app on OnePlus devices. However, the Chinese company has confirmed the problem in particular, so it can be expected to fix it in the next OxygenOS 12 patch.

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