The next generation of under-display cameras is likely to be made in collaboration with Huawei, ZTE and BOE

It is very difficult to make high-quality under-display cameras, and embedding a camera under the display has its own challenges. Many smartphone manufacturers are trying to put high-quality selfie cameras under the display of their products, and now several prominent Chinese companies have decided to work together to develop the next generation of this technology.

According to Gizchina, Huawei, ZTE and BOE plan to work together to develop the next generation of under-display selfie cameras for foldable phones. The goal of these companies is to improve the quality of the current technology, and they will definitely compete with the Samsung Galaxy Zfold 4’s underdisplay camera technology.

Of course, we must mention that currently users are not satisfied with the quality of the pictures taken with the selfie cameras under the display, and these pictures usually have low resolution and quality.

BOE will probably be tasked with making the new foldable display, which will have advantages over Samsung’s flexible panels. Codenamed Q8, the display offers a resolution of 2400 x 1116 pixels, which is different from the 2496 x 2224 pixels of the Huawei Mate X3. According to recent rumors, it is possible for ZTE to help BOE in making a new folding screen and use the new generation of under-screen cameras in its products.

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