The next generation MacBook Air will probably only be called the MacBook

Evidence shows that the tech giant will unveil five new Mac computers next year. In other words, Apple has a very important year ahead of it; Because the company’s two-year window to transition from Intel chips will be completed, and with the release of the Mac Pro, none of Apple computers will be equipped with Intel chips.

Next year, Macs are expected to include the upgraded iMac, the redesigned MacBook Air, the upgraded MacBook, the base MacBook Pro, and finally the new Mac Pro. However, a recent report by Dylandkt revealed that the next generation MacBook Air will probably be called just “MacBook”.

This is not the first time the Cupertinos have introduced a product called the MacBook. In fact, the company launched its base notebooks from 2006 to 2012 and then 2015 to 2019 under the same name, and it can be said that the notebooks were the most important Apple notebooks; Because usually new changes are made first in this model and then used in other models; For example, the 2015 12-inch MacBook was the first Apple notebook to feature a Forsatch technology-based trackpad, ultra-narrow retina display, USB-C port, fanless design, and propeller keyboard.

Concept attributed to iMac Pro

With the passage of the next generation MacBook Air, it looks like the iMac family naming will change in 2022, and it is claimed that we will no longer have a 27-inch model called the iMac. Earlier this year, Apple unveiled a new iMac with a 24-inch display, new design and hardware, and it was thought that, as in previous eras, Apple would launch a larger version called the 27- or 31-inch iMac; But the company is said to have abandoned the naming and intends to use the iMac Pro name for the larger model.

As a reminder, in 2017, Apple created new categories in its multipurpose computers and unveiled the Pro iMac models, which used more professional processing and graphics chips than the standard model. However, after almost four years, the tech giant has yet to unveil the next generation iMac Pro, and in fact, only its upgrades go back to a not-so-important configuration last year, and it looks like it’s time for Apple to upgrade to a major hardware upgrade. This model is offered by Imec.

The new iMac Pro is said to be based on 24-inch model changes such as a new, thinner design, studio-quality microphones and, of course, Apple’s more powerful processor. The iMac 2022 Professional model will reportedly have a 27-inch display with the same technology as the XDR Pro Display Monitor, or Mini-LED, which will likely also support promotion (adaptive display refresh rate).

Apparently, unlike the standard model, the screen has dark edges, and fortunately, there will be no notch. However, it is said that the Cupertinos have apparently tested Face ID; But it can not be definitively confirmed or denied. Other specifications include a configuration similar to the MacBook Pro 2021; Therefore, it is expected that the computer will be configurable with the Amwan Pro and Amwan Max chips, 16 to 128 GB of RAM and from 512 GB to 8 TB of storage memory.

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If the recent report is correct, the change in registration will mean that Apple intends to simplify the registration of its product. Apple laptops will only be available in MacBook and MacBook Pro models, and multipurpose PCs will be similarly available in both iMac and iMac Pro models.

Dylandkt has a relatively good track record of detailing future Apple products. For example, five months before the unveiling of the iPad Pro 2021, he claimed that the product would be equipped with the M1 chip, and recently reported that the MacBook Air 2022 will be the first product to feature the next generation of Apple chips, possibly the M2. Will be located; Of course, there is always the possibility that Apple will offer the final product differently from the rumors; Therefore, it is suggested to consider the latest news as a rumor until the official and more reliable news is published.

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