The new Windows 11 update is associated with the problem of SSD speed reduction and Wi-Fi slowness

Recent update Windows 11, with the ID KB5023706 and code Moment 2, brings many improvements and corrections, including the optimization of Task Manager and the search section of the taskbar for TabletHa pointed out. Of course, this update has caused problems for users.

to report TechSpot, the most important problem of Windows 11 update KB5023706 is the drastic reduction in SSD storage speed. Some users say that this update has reduced the speed of their computer’s SSD by half. However, this only seems to affect AData SSDs.

According to Microsoft, SSD slowdown is one of the most common issues with Windows 11 updates. The company has announced that copying multi-gigabyte files may take longer than usual after installing the KB5023706 update.

Microsoft has announced that the problem of SSD slowdown on Windows 11 will be temporarily fixed by running the following commands in the command line tool:

Some people have also noticed issues when downloading the Moment 2 update installer. In addition, reports about There is a blue screen of death, problems running some apps, and a slow Wi-Fi connection.

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