The new Windows 11 bug may corrupt color rendering

According to the official Windows 11 Known Problems Bulletin, due to a problem in some image editing programs, the colors of movies or photos may not be displayed properly. According to neowin, this problem seems to occur on some HDR displays and when using some image editing programs, due to some inconsistencies with the color rendering of Win32 APIs under certain conditions, and is more common in white.

Microsoft explained the recent problem as follows:

After installing Windows 11, certain HDR monitors may not display colors properly when using some image editing programs.

[..] This problem occurs when some Win32 APIs, which are responsible for rendering colors, process unexpected information or generate errors under certain conditions.

Microsoft acknowledges that the color display bug is not a problem for all color profile management programs, and that Windows 11’s various color settings are not affected by this:

Not all color profile management programs have this problem, and color profiles on the Windows 11 settings page, including control panel colors, are expected to work properly.

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Given that the word “N / A” (not available) is written in the bug section of Microsoft’s “Original Update” column, it can be inferred that the company itself does not yet know the exact source of the bug; Maybe these bugs existed from the beginning and have been reported recently.

Microsoft is currently working to resolve the issue and will provide a solution in late January 2022 (February 1400); So if you are a Windows 11 user and have ever encountered this bug, you should wait about a month.

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