The new version of Firefox for Android offers impressive privacy features

Mozilla has added the Total Cookie Protection feature, which is already provided in the desktop version of Firefox, to the Firefox version. Android added this browser. This feature is designed to deal with tracking users while browsing websites. But how does this feature work? Mozilla creates a completely separate instance of data that Cookies are stored in it for each website separately. Thus, by isolating cookies, websites cannot track users.

XDA He writes, with the new version of Firefox for Android, if you have entered certain information on a website, you will no longer be able to access that data on other websites through cookies. Total Cookie Protection synchronizes your information and preferences on all devices, but to do this, you need to log in to your Mozilla account on the desired devices.

Mozilla also improves the protection of your email in the desktop version of its browser with a feature called Firefox Relay. This feature hides the user’s real email address when registering on websites. The company has now made it possible to use the mentioned feature with just one click on the registration and contact forms area.

Over the past year, Mozilla has also introduced several tools to combat online threats. The company also introduced features like ClearURL and ReadAloud for the Android version of Firefox last month.

ClearURL allows users to remove extra and unwanted affiliate code from URLs, making it easier to share links. ReadAloud is also a powerful tool that converts text on websites into audio speech.

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