The new Porsche light with 16,000 LEDs illuminates a distance of 600 meters

Porsche announced in a statement that it has developed a new technology that it calls “the next generation of automotive lighting technology” and actually includes a large number of LEDs on a single platform.

Hermann-Joseph StapenThe spokesperson of Porsche Research and Development and Technology Communication says:

The main element of innovation created in collaboration with partners is a chip that combines more than 16 thousand micro LEDs in a small unit and offers the possibility of controlling each LED separately.Hermann-Joseph Stapen

According to Porsche, the new chips will be used for both headlights, which means four of them will be used in each car, so the headlights with HD matrix technology will provide the light with high resolution, twice the brightness and four times the range of the previous first-class systems. present.

Uniform lighting system

written by InterestingEngineeringPorsche’s new technology in the manufacture of car lights provides a very uniform illumination that illuminates the darkness of the night up to a distance of 600 meters like day, and also consumes less energy.

stop About the new Porsche technology, he says:

Because Matrix HD headlights only activate the pixels that are actually needed at any given moment, it consumes far less energy than previous powerful systems, while still maintaining consistent exposure.stop

For the first time, the specific lighting power of Porsche’s four-point headlights can be seen at night when using the new low beam and high beam system. The automaker had to file more than 25 patents to turn its innovative technology into a real product.

Now Porsche has decided to introduce the new Matrix HD headlights in the production line of different models with the same module technology; But introduce compatible designs. stop It notes that the company’s new technology must unify different and sometimes conflicting requirements into a single system.

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