The new One UI Watch user interface shows the features of the Galaxy Watch 6

One UI 5 Watch provides exercise instructions based on the user’s heart rate. The Galaxy Watch can measure people’s cardiorespiratory capacity with data from their 10-minute run. Your smart watch adjusts the maximum oxygen intake and individual heart rate intervals based on aerobic and non-aerobic limits during exercise.

Based on the user’s breathing capacity, the Galaxy Watch provides a heart rate according to the user’s condition. Thus, the process of warming up, burning fat, intensive exercises, etc. is adjusted based on the level of physical fitness of each user.

If you choose to burn fat, the Galaxy Watch will notify you when your heart rate falls outside the target, so you’ll know if you should continue exercising more or slow down based on your heart rate.

Runners and brisk walkers will be able to take advantage of the improved GPX route guidance to add their movement to an existing exercise mix such as walking or cycling. Thus, you can follow a predetermined program or easily check the route during training.

New security features

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