The new Leica M11 camera with a 60-megapixel full-frame sensor was introduced; With an everlasting tradition of expensive, stylish and special

Leica first unveiled the M10 rangefinder camera in January 2017; However, the German company unveiled several models of the M10 in later years, the latest of which was the Leica M10-R, which used a 40-megapixel sensor instead of a 24-megapixel sensor, and its display was touch-sensitive, unlike the base model. Now the premium camera maker is preparing to drop the M10 series with the introduction of the M11.

Unlike smartphones, digital cameras are not introduced every year with strange and different appearances; This is especially true of Leica’s famous distance cameras. So at first glance you may not feel different from previous generations of this camera, in addition, this camera uses the same mount for the M lens; But Leica has included enough new features in the M11 to introduce it in a new series.

The first thing that might give Leica M10 camera owners a big reason to upgrade to the new version is the M11’s 60-megapixel full-frame sensor. This sensor, also called “triple resolution”, can provide 60, 36 and 18 megapixel outputs in DNG RAW and JPG formats. The remarkable thing that Leica has said about these three types of output is that the M11 uses all parts of the sensor instead of cropping photos to take pictures at lower resolutions; Of course, the lower resolution images of this full-frame sensor lose some sharpness due to the aggregation of the sensor pixels and ignoring its lines (vertical and horizontal lines of the pixels).

Naturally, low-resolution photography can take up less memory and allow longer, longer continuous shooting. The ISO on the M11 can also be set in the range of 64 to 50,000, which is one stop longer than the Leica M10, which covered the range of 100 to 50,000.

The Leica M11’s internal storage is 64 GB, which allows photographers to store their photos on both the internal storage and the SD card; Leica has also changed the end of the camera for easy and fast access to the battery and memory card. A Type-C port is located just below the camera to charge the battery and transfer photos via cable. Having a Type C port, which has become a common feature among electronic devices, is a new feature for the Leica M11 camera. According to Leica, the M11 camera’s 1,800 mAh battery stores about 64% more energy than older models.

Leica M11 Camera

Like the M10, the new generation uses Leica optical rangefinder and manual focus. The 2-inch display, which can also be used as a viewfinder, with 2,332,800 pixels, has a resolution twice that of its predecessor with 1,036,800 pixels. The modern features of the M11 include both electronic and mechanical shutters.

The standard mechanical shutter of this camera allows shooting up to 1.4,000 seconds, while this number reaches 1.16,000 seconds in the electronic shutter. Silent e-shutter photography may be more important to street photographers than shutter speed; Of course, the Leica M10-R had a mode called “Extra Silent” in its mechanical shutter, which can not overcome completely silent photography with electronic shutter.

Leica offers the M11 camera in two models, an all-black model and a classic silver and black model, the second model of which uses brass metal in its body, which weighs 640 grams, which is about 100 grams heavier than the all-black model. Is. To lose weight, this camera has an aluminum coating with anti-scratch coating on top; Of course, no matter which model you prefer, the M11 is very expensive according to Leica’s long-standing tradition. The Leica M11 without lens is priced at $ 8,995, which is the same price as the Leica M10-R.

Considering the updates that have been made to the M11 Leica, it is good that the company has not increased the price compared to the previous generation. It should be noted that the Leica 10 M10-R was in the lead among the distance cameras, but now with the arrival of the M11, it seems that the throne has become another Leica camera.

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